Frequently Asked Questions

At TLC Dentistry, we practice ‘blame-free dentistry’. We will never give you a hard time. We will listen to your concerns without any criticism or judgment. We are here to help you move forward and plan to get your smile back.

If you are worried about painful injections, there is absolutely no reason to. At TLC Dentistry, we use the WAND, which delivers dental anaesthesia with computerized control so slowly that you will hardly feel a thing.

Lastly, people may worry about cost. At TLC Dentistry, we do not want money to stand in the way of you getting the treatment you need. So we offer interest-free payment plan to help spread the cost.

The first appointment is breezy. It is for us to get to know you and your teeth. We will check your teeth and gums thoroughly, take some x-rays and pictures. Then we just have a good chat: we will give you a condition report on how your teeth and gums are, and discuss any treatment you may need and its cost. We will spend time to answer all your questions.

At TLC Dentistry, we offer a new patient check up special, which is heavily discounted from $288 to just $149. If you have private health insurance, it is gap free. This is a 60min appointment, and by the end of the appointment, we will form a treatment plan that is custom tailored to suit you.

X-rays are needed so that we can see through the teeth and bone, and check for any decay and infection. We normally take 3 x-rays during your check up: one full mouth x-ray, which we call OPG, to check for gum disease and screen for any infection in the jaw bone, and 2 little ones to check for any decay.

It is advised that you take your baby to the dentist for the first time by the time they turn one or when their first teeth come through, whichever is earlier. The first visit is more like a play session for your little one to get used to the environment. If we get the chance, we will take a quick look in the mouth to make sure everything is coming along nicely.

If your new born baby is having difficulty latching and breastfeeding, we can check for any lip or tongue tie, and recommend the appropriate treatment so that your baby can latch properly and enjoy all the nutrients of breast milk.

Of course you can. With the help of HICAPs terminal, we can process the claim on the spot. Private health insurance will pay a percentage towards your treatment. The gap amount varies from person to person, and depends on the policy you hold.

At TLC Dentistry, we bulk bill dental treatment for kids who are eligible for dental benefits under the CDBS. To check eligibility, please call (07) 5448 8628 and inform our friendly staff your children’s names and Medicare numbers. Treatment under this scheme is subject to the Department of Human Services terms and conditions.

We also welcome DVA card holders. Please advise our receptionist that you hold a DVA card when you make your appointment. Treatment under this scheme is subject to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs terms and conditions.

Generally, we will always try and work around you and your work commitments. With our online booking system, you can find the time which is the most convenient for you and book an appointment yourself via smart devices with internet connection.

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