Dental Services



During a new patient checkup, our dentists will take xrays, photos and thoroughly examine your teeth. Our dentists will spend time explaining the best and suitable options to reach your dental goals.

Just remember, when problems are diagnosed and treated early, it can save a lot of time in the chair and money.


Scale & Clean

Just like a car needs its oil changed regularly, teeth need a scale and clean usually every 6months. During the treatment, plaque, tartar and stains will all be removed, leaving your teeth fresh and gums healthy.


Safe Amalgam Removal

Amalgam restorations contain mercury. So uttermost care will be undertaken when old amalgams are removed in order to avoid any unnecessary ingestion. A rubber dam is usually placed over your mouth, which acts as an umbrella and collects all amalgam vapor and pieces to be removed by high-volume suction.


White Fillings

In the hands of our skilled dentists, a resin composite restoration can be sculpted with the right colour and in the right shape so well that a filling blends in and disappears into your natural teeth. It would be hard to map out where your tooth ends and the filling starts.


Fissure Sealants

This is a common preventative procedure where grooves on the chewing surfaces of molars are sealed off by a protective coating, which prevents food and plaque from accumulating in the fine grooves and therefore prevents dental decay.



Dentures are the most cost-effective way to replace multiple missing teeth at the same time. It is a removable prosthesis that needs to be taken from the mouth to be cleaned after meals. Your dentist will discuss which type of denture design suits you the best.


Crown & Bridge

A crown for a tooth is very much like a helmet for our head. A crown covers and surrounds a weak tooth that is damaged by decay and/or fracture, strengthening and protecting it against further damage.

A bridge is time-tested way to replace a missing tooth. It is a fixed prosthesis which joins an artificial tooth definitively to the adjacent teeth.



Veneers are a great way to boost your smile to 5 stars! Whether you want your teeth to be whiter, straighter, or you want to remove gaps between front teeth, veneers can be fabricated to great improvement and satisfaction. Read more about Veneers.



A mouthguard is a custom-made appliance that is worn during contact sports to protect the mouth from trauma. It can prevent serious injuries such as soft tissue laceration, broken teeth, knocked out teeth, jaw fractures.



We hate removing teeth, but there comes a time when a tooth needs to go. We will do so while causing the least amount of pain and discomfort. A further appointment will be scheduled so that you can discuss with your dentist what will be the best way to replace the missing tooth. Read more about removing teeth.



An attractive smile can go a long way if your work involves dealing with people constantly.

We offer take-home DIY whitening kits at a low cost. For those that have a busy lifestyle, we also offer in-office whitening where the colour of your teeth lightens up after just 2 hours. Read more about Teeth Whitening.


Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is a series of treatment that aim to remove infection and pain. The treatment is required when the nerve of a tooth is infected by bacteria.

During the procedure, your tooth will be sufficiently anaesthetized. It feels the same as when you get a filling.

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