So let’s talk about whitening


Whitening seems to be everywhere, with beauty salons offering it and whitening bars popping out in shopping centres. It seems not only dentists can provide whitening treatment now. So the question is, are you really better off getting your teeth whitened professionally by your dentist?

The answer is YES and most definitely.

Before we whiten your teeth, we always check and make sure there are no holes in your teeth. If there are, whitening gel can travel through the holes, reach and kill the nerve of the tooth and leaving you in pain and needing root canal treatment, which is expensive, and could be avoided.

We also recommend having a scale and clean before you start whitening treatment. The clean is to remove any tartar and stain on your teeth, which could be due to smoking, tea or coffee. This brightens up your teeth before whitening even starts. It also makes whitening gel work more efficiently now that it can be in direct contact with tooth surface.

Now you are gonna ask how long the effect of whitening lasts.

Well, it depends on your eating and drinking habits. If you a heavy smoker, or drinks lots of black coffee, or eat quite a lot of beetroot, your teeth will pick up stains quickly and whitening will wear off faster. You can always purchase some whitening gel and top it up at home.

Here are also 5 tips to help you keep your pearly whites nice and shiny.

Minimise drinking teeth staining drinks such as tea, coffee and red wine in between meal times. It is better to have them with food, so that the concentration can be diluted. After smoking, tea or coffee, rinse with water before the stain can set. Make an appointment with your medical doctors to discuss ways to quit smoking. Brush your teeth morning and night to prevent plaque and bacteria building up and creating a yellow coating on your teeth. If the colour of your teeth is that of a deep brown or yellow, it may be because stains are embedded deeply inside your teeth. In such situation, come and talk to us, as you may find that porcelain veneers could offer you a better result than whitening alone.


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