About Us

TLC Dentistry is built upon an old but golden principle: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Everything we do here at TLC Dentistry, we do with a single aim, which is to provide high quality dentistry along with pleasant experience.

Dr Linda Gao (English and Mandarin)

I LOVE being a dentist, to be able to help others is a privilege and I get to do that every day. It means the world to me to see the sense of relief on my patient’s face when I take the pain away, or to see my patients smile again after I restore their broken front teeth to their former glory. I give my best efforts at work every day and I’m always willing to go that extra mile for my patients.

I enjoy every aspect of dentistry, with a particular interest in treating chronic pain and sleep apnea. My pursuit for this area started when my dad was diagnosed with sleep apnea and it frustrated me that I didn’t know how to help. I’m passionate about dentistry and I devote a lot of my own time to attend training events and reading the latest literature, so that I can further my skills and keep up-to-date with modern technology.

Outside work, I enjoy badminton, ten-pin bowling, ping-pong, playing the piano, reading a good book, doing some gardening, cooking for my family and playing a good game of Texas Hold’em. Also please don’t be surprised if you find me in a local tavern next to a poker machine.

Lorena Diaz (English and Spanish)

Hi, I am Dr. Lorena Diaz. I recently joined the wonderful team at TLC Dentistry.

I received my bachelor degree in Dentistry in Colombia in 2008 and obtained my Australian Dental Council Registration In 2015 after successfully passing all the gruesome examinations.

I am passionate about dentistry. I'm a kind, gentle dentist with the highest standard of patient care. I pride myself on the ultimate attention to my patients with dental phobias and oral health awareness in children.

When not at work I enjoy spending time with my newborn baby Olivia, going for beach walks or having a nice cup of coffee with friends.

Amber Gorham

Amber Gorham

Hi my name is Amber, ever since I finished high school in 2014 I have always wanted to work in the dental industry. I was so happy when I was given the opportunity to work with the amazing team at TLC Dentistry.

When I'm not at work you will most likely find me at the beach. I love to spend my time surfing, laying in the sun, going on bike rides, shopping and eating food.

Brianna Deacon

Brianna Deacon

Hi, my name is Brianna and I'm new to the dental industry, but I have been influenced by it for my entire life. My mother has been a dental assistant for the better part of 40 years now and she has always taught me about the importance of oral hygeine. It was only natural that I became interested in dentistry too. I have a particular interest in oral surgery and hope to work for an oral surgeon one day.

As for now I love working at TLC because of our high level of patient care, it's such a good feeling being able to help patients overcome their fear for the dentist, and seeing them smiling in the chair.

Stacy Maddin

Hi my name is Stacy and I started working for TLC Dentistry in the middle of 2017.

I got an opportunity to work with TLC Dentistry when I completed my cours in certificate III in Dental Assisting. Since working with TLC Dentistry I have signed up to a certificate IV to further my knowledge and career. I can honestly say I have the best Job which has come with the best workmates and friends!

When I am not working I am spending quality time with my 2 Fur babies Bella & Ava they are my life! On a weekend I enjoy a few wines and Tapas with good company or exploring the sunshine coast. I also enjoy shopping I am a typical girly girl, but most of all I LOVE traveling the best part of traveling is experiencing different cultures and the wonderful locals.